Welcome to ESLA

The European Street Legal Association is a Series that unites European racers by creating one International championship.

Membership cost
Only official ESLA members can participate for championship points and prizes in the ESLA Series.
The cost for membership registration is FREE.

Official members are entitled to
– ESLA racers license and discount card
– Participate in all ESLA National and International events
– Participate in all ESLA Championship events
– Compete for prizes, trophies and championship points
– Private portfolio on the ESLA website
– Personal Branding material and income possibilities

Annual participation costs (starting when ESLA Series locations are complete).

Event participation cost 
3-day event fee … Euros (€ pre-sale).
2-day event fee … Euros (€ pre sale)
When paying at the door an extra 25 Euro registration fee will be charged.

Event Participation fee include
1 drivers entry pass
1 extra crew pass
Usage of all facilities
(Extra crew ticket available at additional costs)

These are ESLA or ESLA PARTNER events across Europe.
Fees for these events will be communicated per event.
ESLA MEMBERS will ALWAYS receive a discount from the participation fee.

Awards and point system each event
Class winners of each ESLA championship series event receive the following prizes and points:
1st place:
– Trophy
– Championship points

2nd place:
– Trophy
– Championship points

3rd place:
– Trophy
– Championship points

Season winners of the ESLA series are entitled to
1st place:
– Trophy
– Free participation for upcoming season
– Online Magazine interview and article
– Registration in the ESLA circle of champions

2nd place:
– Trophy
– Free participation for upcoming season

3rd place:
– Trophy


A minimum of 8 participants necessary to complete a class.
D.SL: 15.00 sec. and slower. (heads up with a Sportsman-tree)
C.SL: 14.00 sec. – 14:99 sec. (heads up with a Sportsman-tree)
B.SL: 13.00 sec. – 13.99 sec. (heads up with a Sportsman-tree)
A.SL: 12.00 sec. – 12.99 sec. (heads up with a Sportsman-tree)
XS.: 11.00 sec. – and faster (ET-Bracket, dial-in system with a Sportman-tree)

 For A/B/C/D SL.Classes.
E.T bracket (self dial in system) ONLY APPLIES when there are not enough participants in 1 or more classes, these classes will then be combined.


(Outlaw classes run ET-Bracket, dial-in system with Sportsman-tree)
A minimum of 8 participants necessary to complete a class.


 A class that is run in the United Kingdom, with street legal cars running from 13.00 seconds all the way to some amazing low 7.00 seconds cars.


SL.B: Street legal bike, a popular class for the sportsman racer that run 9.5 sec. or slower.
(Heads-up, with Sportsman-tree)

SM.B: Street Modified bike.
(ET-Bracket/ Dial in system, with Sportsman-tree)


A new drag series starting in 2017.


A new drag series starting in 2017.


Each participant will have to run a minimum of 2 qualifying runs at each event, to be eligible to compete in the elimination rounds. If qualified, the qualification round with the best quarter-mile time will determine in which of the classes the participant will run eliminations in.

Points will be calculated in the following manner:

Best TOP Speed & Reaction Time Points
- Participant who records the weekends top speed in his class will be awarded 25 points
– Participant whit the fastest reaction time of the weekend will be awarded 25 points

Rain Out & Race Cancellation Points Policy
In the event of a rain-out and/or race cancellation, any racer that has successfully participated in the 2 qualifying process will be eligible to receive 10 qualifying points, and will be eligible to count the race as “attended” for championship calculations. If the Rain Out or Race Cancellation occurs then the position that the driver is in i.e. (his position during the elimination round) he will be given the allocated point of that position. All Classes must complete a minimum of one round of elimination in order for points to be awarded.

Tie Breaker Procedure
In the event that two competitors tie for points at the end of season, the tie-breakers will be awarded to the racer who has achieved the highest number of race results.

Points for the best 16 Qualifiers per class 
# 1 – 16 Points
# 2 – 15 Points
# 3 – 14 Points
# 4 – 13 Points
# 5 – 12 Points
# 6 – 11 Points
# 7 – 10 Points
# 8 – 9 Points
# 9 – 8 Points
# 10 – 7 Points
# 11 – 6 Points
# 12 – 5 Points
# 13 – 4 Points
# 14 – 3 Points
# 15 – 2 Points
# 16 – 1 Point

Points per event
# 1  Winner                    – 100 Points
# 2  Runner up              –  85 Points
# 3 & 4  Semi finals      –  70 Points
# 5 – 8 Quarter finals  –  55 Points
# 16 – 09 Best 8th        –  40 points
# 17 to 32  Best 16th     –  25 points

Memberships card:
Official members of the ESLA series will receive a membership race license card.
This card serves as:
– Prove of membership.
– ESLA Race license
– Rights to participants and compete for the ESLA Series Championship
– Discount card.
Card owners will receive discounts at events, webshops and the International ESLA partners.

Branding and Income:
ESLA will invest in creating personalised products for each official member. These products will be available through our website, partner websites, sport shops, social media and event booths. For every sold item the Member will receive a cash % into their account.
At ESLA events visitors are able to purchase a drive along ticket to drive alongside a member. For every drive along, a member receives an cash income.
Personalised Products like:
– Shirts & other apparel
– Posters
– Flyers
– Calendars
– Accessories

Media and marketing support:
The organisation of ESLA believes that the only way the series will grow Internationally, is  by marketing and promoting its organisation, partners and participants. To accomplish this, ESLA has made contracts with various media partners.
Other official member promotions are:
– Personal portfolio
Each driver gets his/her own personal page on the ESLA website
– Media exposure
Each official member will receive a personal promotion package and live interviews. When drivers are exposed in the media, it makes it easer for them to get sponsors and followers.
– Marketing support
Members are able to contact ESLA sales and marketing team when in need of help marketing or promoting themselves.

For any other enquiries or information please contact us at